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"I have always received the best care for my kids. Not only is [Dr Lori] knowledgeable and experienced, but she always takes time to answer all the questions (and I sure had a lot of them as a new mom!). I have never felt rushed at any appointment and she always makes the kids feel comfortable. Dr. Lori also takes time to follow up (via phone or email) and makes sure the kids are doing ok." 
-Sayali A. of Ashland

"The nurses always call back promptly and help over the phone. If they think it's urgent enough, they will always fit you in for a doctors check up the same day. I have never had any issue getting an appointment the same day if the kids were sick." 
-Sayali A. of Ashland

"Dr. Lori goes above and beyond wiht being email accessible. She is the FASTEST email "responder" and was always checkin in preemptively when our son was a newborn. He had a[n] infection, and Dr. Lori emailed and called daily to make sure all was okay. She made us both feel like we had made the best decision in a pediatrician for our son."
-Amanda K. of West Newton

"I would highly recommend this practice."
-Sayali A. of Ashland