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As of Summer 2018, we are proud to be working with New England Mothers First!!! working in our office: Wednesdays - Fridays, 9am - 4pm!

www.NewEnglandMothersFirst.com or 508-921-4157

  • Offers 7 independent Nurse Practitioners dedicated exclusively to expertise lactation consulting & problematic infant feeding.
  • Offers IBCLC & CLC evidenced-based care with 1- hour office and home visits.
  • Offers compassionate, multilingual, accepting and respectful visits in a common sense way with in-between visits support by email.
  • Offers Insurance covered visits per medical office billing of your health plan with usually only an office co-pay.
  • Is Premier ~ No other medical Provider practice in MA offers exclusively the services of NEMF.

Mothering goes beyond breastfeeding. NEMF NP’s are expertise for those helpful hints throughout the first year to include topics such as safe sleep and baby wearing. NEMF NP’s also screen Mothers through the Postpartum emotional spectrum and are great resources with balancing breastfeeding & family foods introduction.

Consider an “Early Bird” visit with a NEMF NP after your Pediatric “Meet & Greet”. It’s a great way to establish your Pediatric health care for your child and pair up with your NP Lactation Consultant to plan for breastfeeding in the early days after baby is born.

A Mother can request an appointment on online or by phone. Once she completes the Mother / Baby online information form, the office team will work swiftly to verify the Mother Baby insurance benefits, communicate with Mom on an appointment and reach out to Provider office for any required referrals from the PCP or the Pediatrician.


Often the baby is not on the insurance yet, the NEMF staff knows how to manage the billing for these early days.