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After Hours

After Hours

If you or your child is experiencing a serious accident or injury, seizure, difficulty breathing, or fever under 3 months of age call 911 or go directly to an Emergency Room.

We have incorporated our self-triage feature to help parents and patients manage appropriate situations when our office is closed. Research has shown that 85% of after hours calls are not considered urgent. We would like to help you decide which issues need to come to our attention immediately, during the night, and which can be managed at home until our office opens the following morning.

These protocols are the same ones used by our nurse triage service. You can search them by topic.

If you have additional questions or would like to speak to our nurse triage service, please call our after hours answering service at 781-772-1527 and after 4 rings, your will be promted to push #1. They will direct your call. If the issue can not be resolved to your satisfaction by our nurse triage service, our doctor on call will be contacted.  

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